Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Replies to Previously Unanswered Comments In the post "Introduction and Conclusion to my book "Being""

Here are my replies to comments in the post "Introduction and Conclusion to my book "Being"":

1) Nirvana said...

Dear Prof. Moorty,

Congratulations on the UGK book and many thanks for keeping his memory alive (precious to some of us who met him in the early 70s and to those of us who were 'seeking' then and still do!). I referenced some material on UGK and carried a link to your blog in http://chowdaiahandparvati.blogspot.com/

It is a blog on Music carrying the memory of the great violinist Chowdiah and how his memorial in bangalore came to be. The threading to UGK is through Chowdiah-> a home "Parvathi"-> Brahmachari Shivaram Sharma.

Best Wishes,

Princeton, NJ
November 18, 2009 4:09 AM

Reply: In my attempt to figuring how to respond to your comment, I just sent you an e-mail through the link provided in your blog. Now I have adopted this method of answering. Your blog is interesting and thanks for linking my blog and articles on UG and Brahmachari Shivarama Sharma.

2) Anonymous said...

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Reply: Thank you. I will try.

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