Monday, May 19, 2014

Essays on UG Krishnamurti and Related Topics

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Saturday, May 17, 2014


If you are still visiting this blog, thank you. Unless something else distracts me, I will be visiting these pages from time to time.

Also please know that after waiting for some years to see if some publisher might be interested in publishing my book (I tried various), I have self-published my book and it is now available on as both a print-on-demand paperback and a Kindle e-book on

The Title of the Book now is:

Being Yourself 
Essays on UG Krishnamurti and Related Topics

It looks like this blog is a better way of communicating (expressing myself, at any rate) than through books.  It all started when I noticed someone else put up UG's books (of excerpts) on Kindle; I thought why I couldn't I do the same with my book.  Once I did that, I found there is an opportunity to self-publish the book as print-on-demand.  And I did that. 

There is something to be said about putting the book out as a paperback: it's something you have in your hand and a lot of people would prefer that than trying to read it on a tablet or computer.  If you got the book printed at a local print shop I don't think it will cost less than that.  So there is my pitch!

In the final proof I have eliminated a couple of chapters from the earlier version of the book: one on the Mind-Body problem and the other on Other Minds.  I thought they would detract one from the main theme of the book and in the final reading they didn't seem philosophically sound enough.

Of course, if you happen to read it, feel free to pass on your comments.

You will find my e-mail address at the end of the book.

Also my homepage address has changed: it is now: