Thursday, January 29, 2009


One of my readers posted a comment yesterday asking why I have not been posting any new articles on this blog site. I apologize for the long silence. Here is a rather lengthy explanation and a resolution:

For the past few months I have been wrestling with some medical problems which resulted in my arms and wrists practically dysfunctional. Thanks to a drug I have been taking, now they have regained a reasonable amount of strength. I should start writing soon.

Also, last Christmas, as a gift to my friends and a few relatives I thought I would put together all the articles in the blog in the form of a book and present it to them. I did. My wife is currently editing the book. There is a possible offer to publish it from India. (My wife got only 5 copies printed as a hard copy and the rest I sent electronically by e-mail.)

Once that job was done, I didn't have either the energy or the motivation (especially since I didn't have an overwhelming response to the articles I had already posted) to continue writing. Now that someone has made a noise about it, I am prompted to write again.

I am wondering about what I should write about next: Here is a thought: I will see if any of you is interested in it: when I was teaching my Eastern Philosophy I used to make up a "Love Upanishad". Would it be interesting to writing about the "Myths and Realities of Love"? Of course, it might take a few weeks (I would say two to three) to write an article on it. Let me know your interest.