Friday, October 19, 2007

Desire, Pleasure and Tension

I learned from ‘network chiropractic’ that desire represents tension in the nervous system. I once mentioned to UG without disclosing the source where I got that idea. He agreed and said, “Yes, it is.”

This was borne out further in my own experience. When I let go of everything and am able to accept things as they happen, then my system relaxes totally. Then either I relax into the body and eventually fall asleep, or get into a state of awareness where there is no self, but just being, and sometimes states of ecstasy.

But you can’t remain there forever. Something draws your attention and you are caught in this or that activity or thought process. Then again, you are aware of things as when they are finished or you are finished with them, and you revert to the state of passivity, of letting go.

There is a certain instability in the state of desirelessness or absence of thought. There is always a pull in the direction of seeking pleasure which keeps looking for things in the past which might give pleasure now. And then you get lost in that memory, experience, and pleasure-seeking, or whatever. Of course, if you are aware of it, you can return to Ground Zero.

The real test of freedom is the ability to stop anything you are doing at the moment, however important it is, to be totally detached from it and divert attention to whatever else is needed. That ability and flexibility is what enable one to step out of any emotion, disappointment, depression etc., let alone the current activity.

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